First Contact Physiotherapy

Gossops Green Medical are pleased to announce the First Contact Physiotherapy (FCP) Service in now live. This service will allow patients to receive input from an expert in the first instance. First contact physiotherapists are advanced physiotherapists who can manage and treat musculoskeletal problems which means you may not need to see a GP.

The specialist physiotherapist can assess you and suggest the most appropriate way to help you. They can also give you advice about any further investigations or treatment you may need and refer you to other services.

If you are aged 18 or over and need to be seen for a musculoskeletal issue and meet the following criteria you will be offered an appointment with the physiotherapist in the first instance.

Joint pain       Shoulder pain           Tendon problems
Muscle pain           Sports Injuries             Knee problems
Neck pain        Soft tissue injuries         Tennis elbow
Back pain         Osteoarthritis               Trapped nerves